Membership inquries

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Membership inquries

Post by DenisD on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:29 pm

Membership of The Online Stage can be initiated either by invitation or by application from suitably qualified persons.

Persons unknown to the administrators of The Online Stage are required to apply for performer registration. An online application form can be found on The Online Stage website:
Performer registration

The Online Stage provides the following services relating to audio production:
- Creation of productions
- Casting of roles in productions
- Storage of uploaded audio files
- Proof listening of uploaded audio files
- Editing of productions
- Publication of productions
- Advertising of productions

Members are responsible for the provision of recordings, which are to be made in a recording space and using recording equipment maintained by the member.  The Online Stage does not maintain a physical studio space.

The Online Stage forum has been set up purely as a vehicle for disseminating information about our audio productions.    It is not to be used as a space to ventilate personal opinions about other matters  or as a means to advertise any other activities or products.


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